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Babes In Business // #TheBIBclique

If you’ve been waiting for a sign... This is it babe! We are literally witnessing a phenomenon! Women from all around the world have discovered the secret to success and happiness in both their lives & careers and I am here to share it with you.

Babes in Business is a project geared towards women that are entrepreneurial, have a huge passion for health & wellness, love to travel, link arms with other women and empower them to reach their potential. It is for professional women, busy mums who want more time flexibility, and women who are looking for a better way to do life.

This business is perfect for those already with a day job, those who are already in business but aren’t quite sure how to get their feet off the ground, those who love holistic health and helping other, those who don't want to work for someone else forever or those that just want to earn an extra income alongside their current job. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from, we’re all here for the same reasons… To live on our own terms and create a B E A U T I FU L life for ourselves & our family.

 My Story // Tahlia Paige Harrison

Before this business came into my life, I was working as a Chiropractic Assistant. I actually loved my job, I got along really well with my boss and this profession was what introduced me to my new found love for holistic health. But if I'm really honest, I felt as though I had lost myself. I had no idea what I was doing, I didn't know what I wanted or where I wanted to be in 5 years time and I had NO money. It scared the shit out of me.
I was craving more... But I was afraid to admit it. I felt selfish at the thought of admitting I wanted more out of life; more time to travel, a greater purpose, more money and I wanted total control of my schedule and lifestyle.

I don't know if you guys reading this can relate, but I just had this thing inside of me nudging at me every single day... It was like I knew deep down I was put on this earth to do more than working 9-5 Monday - Friday for the rest of my life.  Now when I look back, its kind of crazy how the universe works. I wasn't necessarily looking for anything new, BUT I was definitely open to new opportunities coming my way... and thank god I was because that's when this business came along. I didn't really know what 'this' was. But it had a really beautiful feeling - a vibe I had never experienced with any other 'job.' Almost like a sense of belonging and I could feel the love in this community. Although I was a little afraid, I just trusted my gut and jumped right in.

Over the last 3 years, it has been a journey! 3 years down the track and I'm living in Melbourne with my partner Beau. I am now working part-time, not full-time - which for me is something I'm so proud of. I now have more time to invest in helping other women create a life they love and also help more and more women with their health & wellness. In that time I have studied Health & Nutrition Coaching through IIN & it has been completely funded by my income I've created through Babes in Business. I now have purpose, something that is so so important to me. I know where I'm heading and I'm so excited for life. My dream to be a stay at mum (eventually) is falling into place... and most importantly to me, my dream of being able to travel the world is actually happening. In June 2020, my partner & I are heading to Europe for a few months... We don't know exactly how long we are going for but our plan is to explore, get a little lost and enjoy the beautiful European sun.

Without Babes in Business, there Is no way I would be where I am today.
G R A T I T U D E  isn't even enough to describe how I feel about what I do & the women I get to work alongside every day.

So if you are a lover of health & wellness, want to create a second income and L O V E  the idea of empowering other women - I would love to meet you for a virtual coffee date! We can chat, get to know each other and work out whether or not this could be something for you too.

Book in a time through my link below <3
I can't wait to meet you!

Love always,
Tahls x


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