How To Stay Organised When Life Is Jam Packed!

My personal tips on how to stay organised when life is full.

You gotta MEAL PREP girl. There is literally no way you have time to think about what you’re going to eat let alone cook your lunches! Plus its super important if you’re super busy like the #bossgirl you are, you need to make sure you’re flooding your bod with all the goodness it can get! For me personally, Sunday’s are my days to cook my meals for the week. I make 10 lunches, put them in the freezer and defrost them the night before. The more you do it, the quicker you get! Plus, it kind of makes you feel like you’ve got your shit together.

Make* time to EXERCISE. Key word being make! I get it, you’re busy and you’re too busy sometimes to fit in exercise. I’ve been there! Sometimes it might mean getting up 15 minutes earlier to do a little home workout, sometimes it might mean going to that class at that awful time… (for me i cringe at the thought of going to the 5.30am classes) but sometimes you just gotta suck it up and get it over with. The mornings i actually get up earlier, i feel as though i have more energy! Try it.

Make sure you’re allowing yourself time to PREPARE for the day. Did you know that just by setting your intentions for the day and setting some goals, you increase your productivity compared to if you don’t? I know you think you don’t have a spare 5 minutes… But girl, trust me! This is what the difference is between a good and a bad day for me.

MEDITATE. You’re probably noticing more and more people talking about meditation. I personally use to think it was a bit ladida (I’m always going to be honest with you guys), but research shows that people that meditate regularly not only are way more in tune with themselves, but they’re also less stressed! If you’re someone that says you don’t have time to meditate, i hate to break it to you babe but you are the one who needs it the most! Give yourself just 10 minutes a day to sit in silence, no phones, no work, just breathe… It does take practice (that’s why it’s called a meditation practice) but I promise you, by the end of each day you will feel way more IN CONTROL.

GET YOURSELF A DIARY. whether this be online or a paper copy if you’re old school like me. Work out exactly how much time you have in the day and work out your ‘stolen moments’. These are the times in between jobs we kind of forget about and most of the time find ourselves scrolling through Facebook… If you want to get shit done and get ahead, use these moments to do some of the above tips. You’ll be surprised how many of these ‘moments’ you’ll find you have after working it out.

HAVE BOUNDARIES. Yesssssss you heard me. I understand you want to use every single moment of your day and night hustling away (I’ve been there). But you need to be strict with your time and when you’re working otherwise it will become a chore, you will lose your passion and without passion you ain’t got nothing. For me personally, I don’t touch my phone until I’ve finished my morning routine and it’s very rare you’ll find me replying to my inbox after 8pm. Choose your hours you work and keep it that way.

Don’t forget to PLAY. Which is kind of why i chose this photo! Make sure you’re allowing yourself breathing time to do the things you LOVE. For me, i clearly love to have a wine, a dance and just BE.

Happy Saturday guys!

Tahls x

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