Do you want to become a Health Coach too?

Are you passionate about health & wellness?

Maybe you’re just interested in educating yourself about holistic health & nutrition, so you can improve your own lifestyle? Or maybe your dream is that you want to become a fully booked online health coach so you can travel the world and take work with you anywhere you go? Or maybe, you’re just looking to help a few people on the side of your current full time gig for some extra $$ and a greater purpose?
I honestly looked into so many health courses. I originally wanted to become a Dietician or a Nutritionist but after looking into the curriculum at all of the universities here in Australia, nothing really caught my attention and nothing really inspired me enough to want to invest 3+ years into a course I wasn’t 100% sold on. It was out of pure luck I stumbled across IIN and my gosh I’m so glad I did! Hands down, THE best course ever. I might sound bias hehe but its changed my life in so many ways and I had no idea how much of an impact it would have on me and my outlook on life, which is why I’m so excited to share this with you today.

IIN is a year-long online course that teaches over 150 dietary theories combined with in-depth coaching techniques so you can graduate and have the skills to become a successful health coach. What I love about this school is that is takes into account not only the importance of nutrition, but it teaches you about the impact relationships, work, spirituality and exercise have on our health & wellness. This course not only empowers you to become the very best version of your self, but also inspires you to spread your knowledge and journey with the world so you can create a greater impact.
An IIN graduate is a guide and mentor that empowers clients to take responsibility for their own health & wellness. Health Coaches support their clients to implement small, sustainable lifestyle changes through dietary and behavioural changes that will help contribute to the achievement of a clients goals. We are also accountability buddies and personal cheerleaders ensuring our clients really understand their own mind, body & soul.
IIN’s classes are taught by so many different incredible experts in the field of health & wellness. Although Joshua Rosenthal teaches most of the curriculum, there are many other well distinguished speakers including leading doctors, PhD’s, researchers and other authorities sharing their knowledge with us.
By enrolling to study IIN through me, I can offer you huge savings on tuition & payment plans! Either mention my name when you enquire – Tahlia Harrison OR click on the link below to get a sneak peak into this course and work out whether or not its something you’d love to delve in to.

CLICK HEREHappy learning!

Love & light,

Tahls x 

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