Tahlia Paige Harrison

Welcome, I'm so glad you're here.

Who Am I?

I am a certified health & nutrition coach, lover of sunshine, the ocean, sunrises & sunsets. I'm a business mentor to over 150 women, life enthusiast, raw treat addict,
lover of travel, adventures and empowering other women to live an abundant life ☼ ☽

I am totally obsessed with all things holistic health.
To me, all that means is being aware of the connection between our mind, body & soul.

I believe it starts with the food we consume, the thoughts we think, the self worth we have, the products we put on our bodies & the environment in which we surround ourselves in. 
I'm all about balance & no restrictions and I'm a huge advocate for pushing outside our comfort zones regularly.
To me, this is the only way to move forward in all areas of our life - to grow as a person. "If you're not growing you're dying" - Tony Robins.

Clean living is how I like to describe my idea of health - eating as many foods as you can that come from mother earth (no food made by a man in a white coat), drinking lots of water, limiting the chemicals that we put on our bodies & in our homes & having real, authentic, BEAUTIFUL relationships.

This passion of mine started only a few years back. 

Not long after graduating high school, I found myself incredibly unhappy. I felt unfulfilled, lost, anxious & depressed. I had no self respect or self worth and I wasn't surrounding myself with people I really looked up too and aspired to be like. I got to a point where enough was enough. I was sick of feeling like a hampster in a wheel and I wasn't okay with having anymore pity parties for myself!
I knew deep down that this wasn't how life was meant to be lived. I knew it was meant to feel beautiful, abundant & so full of love.

So I went searching...
For my purpose and my place in this world. 

& if I'm honest, its been a JOURNEY.
The most M A G I C A L journey I could have ever asked for.

The person I am now, compared to the person I was a few years back - they don't really have anything in common.
It's kind of crazy to actually look back and see who I was. But it also excites me and really makes me realise how much control we actually have over our lives.
We have the ability to create whatever life we want for ourselves and we have the ability to, in time grow into the person we have always wanted to be.

That was what inspired me create Healthy Tahls.

To really share with other people, especially women that they can live an incredible life. That they can show up and truly be who they want to be.
That stepping into your power and shining your light with the world is one of the greatest gifts you could possibly give.
That you can have an abundance of health, wealth & of LOVE without all that hustle.

So please, follow my journey.
I want to get to know you and share with you all I've learnt so far.

& just a reminder for those reading this...
You weren't put on this earth to be mediocre, so don't be.

Love & light,

Tahls x